venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

Marble Palaces

This canal is between the Tre Archi Bridge and the Guglie Bridge, at Cannaregio. 

A note about marble palaces in Venice, as the one you can see above: Venetian palaces often have only the facade in marble; the other 3 sides usually have only bricks.Which Venetian palaces have more than one marble side?two of them are Palazzo Labia and Ca'Pesaro. For example, this is the marble left side of Ca'Pesaro: 

It's unusual for a hidden side of a palace to be entirely covered by marble. Click here

Venetian Taxi

This is a Venetian water taxi:To get around in Venice you can walk, go by water bus, or choose a water taxi.

Children Playing at san Giacomo

These are some children playing at Campo san Giacomo dell'Orio: 

Children sometimes play with bicycles, but in Venice you can't get around with a bike


This canal leads to Campo dei Carmini, near Campo Santa Margherita. The white marble palace on the right is Ca'Zenobio:

Fondamenta della Misericordia

The walking on the left is Fondamenta della Misericordia, a place with many bars, restaurants and places where to meet friends:

Enrico Dandolo

Tomorrow will be 800 years after the death of Enrico Dandolo, one ot the greatest dogi (dukes) that Venice has seen.
Enrico Dandolo, old (in his nineties) and blind, led the Fourth Crusade to Zara and then Costantinopoli, to serve the ambitions of Venice.Interesting website
Dandolo, the 39th Doge, never came back from Costantinopoli, where he died.
But the rewards for Venice from the Fourth Crusade (that never reached its target to reach the Holy Land) were so large that made Venice the first Mediterranean power.

Casa Fondaco

This palace can be see when going to Campo San Polo from Campo san Giacomo:

Note the "casa fondaco" structure, always used for the houses of Venetian merchants: the ground floor was a warehouse; a small floor between ground and first was used for the offices of the merchants; the first floor was a show room; the second floor was where the familiy of the merchant lived; the third floor was for the servants